Music Lessons -
Aims and objectives
My teaching is based on my belief that music is for everyone;
because of this I tailor each lesson to suit each student;
my students' wishes and individualities are of the utmost importance. 
If  taking the exam route is what is asked for then I can assure that so
far I still have a 100% success rate from passes to distinctions.

Music can give us a language to express ourselves.
Most of my students over the years have attended lessons

purely for the pleasure of having music in their lives.
Music can help guide us down
life's emotional rivers & waterfalls.
Students of all ages, abilities and walks-of-life are welcome.
I aim to be as inclusive as I am able.
Some have attended purely for the therapeutic value
of having music in their lives.
"where words fail music speaks"
I have a portable ramp making my home wheel-accessible.
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